Together we can help more families like Awa’s lift themselves out of poverty

For Awa and her community, growing enough to feed themselves has always been a struggle. Climate change is eroding the soil so growing enough food is harder than ever. Malnutrition is a constant threat. But there is a simple solution. Trees – they mean everything to Awa’s community: nutritious fruit and nuts to eat, an income and protection for the soil so crops can grow. It’s a simple solution, but it changes lives. The more trees TREE AID plant, the more people we can help lift themselves out of poverty.

How your gift can help

Make a regular donation

£3 a
£5 a
£10 a

Make a single donation

£10 £30 £45

Over a year, a regular gift of:

£3 a month could grow three fruit trees, providing nutritious food for a family

£5 a month could provide enough seeds to plant 4,000 life-changing trees

£10 a month could provide everything a family needs to start their own orchard