Website design & development, email design & development and video production & editing

Web Design

Below is negotiable depending on your requirements

My process usually starts with the discovery phase: thinking about who the users are and what they would need to do on the website, alongside the goals of the business - balancing those as much as possible. It also helps to think about the company as a whole by finding out what their USP is and what they stand for.

Next, listing all pages and features helps to see exactly what has to be on each page and with wireframing.

Around now I usually look at their competition to see what styles, features and layouts they use - specifically what they have done well and what they haven't. I'll also check out Behance to see if there are any styles that would suit the website more than others, while trying to anticipate any emerging trends.

Sketching helps before beginning the layout on a computer to get some ideas down in quick succession as they come to mind.

I like to wireframe when possible, when timeframe and budget allow. I've used Mockflow, Balsamiq and Sketch for this in the past, anything that's fast to develop with. UX principles will also be involved here to make sure it's as easy and intuitive to use as possible.

High fidelity designs of necessary pages will be made in photoshop as I have the most experience with it.

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Web Development

My main skills are with responsive front-end development using HTML, CSS and jQuery with a fondness for Bootstrap, Git and Gulp. I like to keep all code as clean and tidy as possible.

I use WordPress for all back-end functionality making sure to use as few Plugins as possible to lower maintenance and security issues. All Themes are built from scratch with Custom Post Types and Advanced Custom Fields.

I also have an interest in performance optimisation as it makes for a much better user experience as well as being an SEO ranking factor these days. Conversion optimisation also interests me seeing as the end goal is to ultimately receive payment in some form, so reducing friction is always at the forefront of my mind.

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Email Design & Development

Emails are designed with mobile users in mind at 600px wide, seeing as most opens will be on a device. When the budget stretches, responsive and adaptive layouts are used and a mobile design is created alongside the desktop version. Email-safe fonts are used for body copy and images for stylish fonts. Alt text is always used and styled for images in case they're missing...and much more.

Emails are tested on 40+ clients using Email on Acid. Tables are used for the most reliable layout. Only clean HTML and CSS is used for compliance. Copy is used as much as possible to keep overall weight under the recommended limit and to avoid image blocking issues. I also have experience with Plain Text versions - specifically, constructing the copy in such a way to help with readability...and much more.

I am familiar with MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, Campaign Manager and RightNow for deployment. I have also used both Litmus and Email on Acid for testing.

I like to check for updates in the email world for new design trends, advances in clients/development and case studies on increasing CTRs (Click-Through Rates).

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Video Production & Editing

Video services for both video creation through filming with my own camera and sound equipment, and editing with industry standard software.

Thousands has been spent on equipment to capture static and motion scenes. I can collaborate with ideas for shooting necessary clips, or come up with everything to present my thoughts on how the filming should happen to create the right look and feel. The best angles and techniques will be used to turn the most uninteresting of items and topics into captivating visuals.

Using Adobe Premiere Pro for general editing and Adobe After Effects for special effects (some even seen in Hollywood films), clips will be transformed into cinematic experiences, showing products and services in their best light.

Selection of work

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