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Livestream: Once Entertaining, Now Impactful
Livestream has quickly taken the video-sharing sphere by storm and its popularity is only expected to continue. 90% of marketers believe one of livestreaming’s most significant benefits is the authentic interaction it allows brands to have with their audience (Sprinklr, 2016).
Trend Breakdown: The Peter Pan Market
Global Brands are Hanging with the Locals
Global brands are tapping into cultural nuances that resonate with local communities in order to connect with consumers on a deeper level. Localized marketing means taking a tailored, community-focused approach to personalize the brand relationship with those in the specified market.
A chalkboard drawing of hands reaching for a dollar symbol
Trend Breakdown: Brand Stance
As societal tensions worsen, political correctness is making it nearly impossible for brands to please all consumers. Brands who live out their purpose and true identity will create long-term loyalty with targeted consumers.
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